On Gizmodo and journalism

Fri, Apr 30, 2010


Some choice words from Johnny Titanium regarding Gizmodo’s behavior during the entire stolen iPhone ordeal:

… Journalism is reporting on a story, not making yourself into a story. This would’ve been a neat Gizmodo piece: “Some retard swiped an iPhone prototype at a bar and called us up trying to sell it. We were like ‘Yeah, cool, what’s your number?’ and then we called the fucking FBI because nobody in their right mind would even consider running their business like that. More reviews of fart apps after the jump.’

Journalism also does not involve hyping your crime up for several days afterward as the story of the century, bragging about it over several articles in a nauseatingly puerile, self-congratulatory fashion. This shit reads like a high school newspaper that just discovered evidence that the principal wears a toupee.

Another thing not usually involved in journalism, at least in the first world, is practically live-blogging the confiscation of your computers as if you’re about to be some kind of political prisoner. The only thing Gawker Media is a prisoner of (at the moment, anyway) is a ridiculous, childlike perception of the world in which they became Invincible Internet Heroes for pulling the mysterious curtain off a product several weeks before its debut.

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