New clues in iPhone OS 4 Beta point to 720p video recording

Wed, May 5, 2010

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Delving into the newly released iPhone OS 4 Beta 3, developers have discovered that new API’s which allow them full access to video capture data also give include the ability to record video at much higher resolutions than the current 640×480 resolution on the iPhone 3GS. The pertinent data strings read:


So it appears that the next iPhone, which has already been dubbed the iPhone HD, will be able to record video at 720p. This isn’t entirely new information, but does solidify some previously speculative information about the forthcoming device.┬áBack in late December, we reported on a rumor that Apple was planning to use an Omnivision 5MP OV5650 Image Sensor capable of capturing 720p quality video at 60 frames per second.

The current processor on the iPhone was found to support 720p, but Apple most likely didn’t implement it because doing so would have drained the battery in addition to gobbling up storage. The next-gen iPhone, however, if you happen to recall Gizmodo’s teardown of the device, revealed a battery unit 16% larger than the iPhone’s current battery. And with storage space increasing with every subsequent iPhone release, it appears that the stars are finally aligning for HD video on the iPhone.

via MacRumors


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