Nokia files another lawsuit against Apple for iPhone and iPad 3G patent infringement

Fri, May 7, 2010

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Nokia today filed yet another lawsuit against Apple today, alleging that Apple’s iPhone and iPad 3G infringe on 5 of their patents.

In a press release issued today, Nokia detailed the patents at issue:

The patents in question relate to technologies for enhanced speech and data transmission, using positioning data in applications and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices. These patented innovations are important to Nokia’s success as they allow improved product performance and design.

Speaking on the matter, Nokia’s General Manager of Patent Licensing, Paul Melin, explained, “Nokia has been the leading developer of many key technologies in mobile devices. We have taken this step to protect the results of our pioneering development and to put an end to continued unlawful use of Nokia’s innovation.”

Well, either that, or Nokia is panicking that they still have no viable smartphone to contend with the iPhone and their stock is plummeting as a result. Moreover, some are clamoring for executive removals from the upper ranks at the company as well.

If you recall, Nokia’s recently filed lawsuit against Apple is the latest step in a series of back and forth legal disputes between the two companies. Nokia got the ball rolling in October of 2009 when they sued Apple for infringing on patents pertaining to wireless connectivity and GSM networks. Apple soon countersued Nokia claiming that the Finnish based handset maker was infringing on 13 patents held by Apple.

Moreover, and in regards to Apple’s alleged infringement, Apple denies that the patents first brought up by Nokia are valid, and asserts that even if they are valid, that Nokia has refused to license them on “fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms” as is required when a patent encapsulates an industry standard.

Apple’s countersuit reads in part:

In dealing with Apple, Nokia has sought to gain an unjust competitive advantage over Apple by charging unwarranted fees to use patents that allegedly cover industry compatibility standards and by seeking to obtain access to Apple’s intellectual property.  Nokia needs access to Apple’s intellectual property because Nokia has copied and is now using that patented technology.

If you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. lrd Says:

    I knew another lawsuit was coming. After every annual investors meeting, Nokia has to sue Apple in order to show investors it’s trying to catch up to Apple.

    How silly is that? Here’s a company that cant do anything innovative with its only patents!

  2. lrd Says:

    Now let’s look at Apple. It’s suing HTC because they’re copying what Apple’s implemented in an innovative ground breaking product.

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