WWDC 2010 sells out in just 8 days – a new record

Fri, May 7, 2010


A lot of pundits are saying that Apple’s strict control over the iPhone platform will drive developers over to Android, but if the rate that this year’s WWDC conference sold out is any indication, Apple has nothing to worry about. If anything, other platforms should have cause for concern.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for June 7 – June 11th, sold out in a record time of 8 days, a figure made all the more impressive given that the advance notice for the event was a lot shorter than it’s been in previous years. By way of comparison, last year’s WWDC event sold out in about a month.

This year’s conference will be particularly focused on the iPhone platform, a fact which Apple made abundantly clear by scheduling relatively few Mac sessions and not by offering any Apple Design Awards for Mac apps this time around.

Heading off the keynote will presumably be Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who will by all accounts use the occasion to introduce Apple’s next-gen iPhone to the world. It’s been said before, but if Apple brings Gray Powell out on stage, it’ll BRING. THE. HOUSE. DOWN!



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  1. Jared Says:

    I had the same thought about Gray Powell. He’s in the public eye whether he (or Apple, or Steve Jobs) likes it or not. His “punishment” should be to present part of the iPhone presentation, likely scaring him half to death. I think it would show Steve Jobs as more human if he realized the humor of bringing out Gray Powell. Apple should milk it for all the positive/free PR they can.

    I suspect Jobs is unhappy enough about the whole thing that the last thing on his mind is to let Powell near WWDC, however. We can hope, though! Maybe they can work his name into the address book demo or something and let the tech press/Apple fans, etc. find the easter egg.

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