Opera doesn’t see Flash in its long term future

Sat, May 8, 2010


The folks behind the Opera web browser have no plans of abandoning Flash anytime soon, but going forward, they firmly believe that the future of the web lies with open web standards.

Speaking on the matter, Opera product analyst Phillip Grønvold explained:

Today’s internet content is dependant on Flash. If you remove Flash you do not have today’s internet. We are trying to give the best internet experience for our users therefore we need Flash – there is no way to beat around that bush.

But at Opera we say that the future of the web is open web standards and Flash is not an open web standards technology. Flash does have its purposes and will have its purposes, the same as [Microsoft’s] Silverlight and others, especially for dynamic content. But flash as a video container makes very little sense for CPU, WiFi battery usage etcetera…

For some reason it’s not part of the fabric of the web currently and Flash either needs to include itself in the future of the web and open web standards or its technology is going to be consistently under attack from all sides as the open web standard movement grows further and further.

Because eventually we will have the canvas [of the web] in good quality and we’ll have the toolsets to use that canvas in the quality but in the foreseeable future, 18 months or so, Flash is not going away and it is critical.


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  1. AdamC Says:

    What is he talking about – without Flash there is no internet.

    Without Opera and Flash there will still be internet.

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