AT&T’s contract as exclusive iPhone carrier in the US valid until 2012

Mon, May 10, 2010


So much for all the hype and buzz regarding the iPhone hitting Verizon in 2010, or 2011 for that matter. Engadget drudged up some legal documents from an ongoing case which spell out in plain English that Apple’s contract with AT&T designates Ma’ Bell as the only authorized iPhone carrier in the US until 2012.

The question, though, is if Apple and AT&T entered into any subsequent deals that may have altered the terms of their original contract. For instance, maybe AT&T was willing to shorten the term of the deal in exchange for iPad exclusivity. It’s impossible to know either way, and naturally, both Apple and AT&T aren’t talking.

So unless there’s any concrete proof that the terms of the deal have been altered, all you Verizon and Sprint subscribers will just have to make do without an iPhone for that much longer.



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