Latest Steve Jobs email: Printing will come to the iPad

Mon, May 10, 2010


One of the few, yet more common complaints about the iPad is its lack of a printing solution. As it stands now, Apple’s current and official printing solution involves emailing pertinent documents back to your Mac and printing them from there. Umm, no thanks.

But things may soon be changing.

A MacRumors reader reportedly emailed Jobs asking why there was no printing on the iPad. In typical Jobs fashion, he tersely responded, “It will come.” With email exchanges involving Jobs becoming ever more frequent, there are also a few more spoof emails floating around. Last we checked, no one had checked the veracity of the above exchange, so take it with a small grain of salt. Then again, if you’re going to fake an email from Jobs, lying about iPad printing seems to be a pretty lame choice.

With Apple aggressively trying to push the iPad version of iWork as a worthy suite of software for creating documents and spreadsheets on the go, it only makes sense that printing should be a workable part of that equation as well. If users have to constantly send documents back to their Mac in order to print, then what’s the point?

Back in late January, AppleInsider reported that Apple was working on some as of yet un-announded iPad features to make the device more appealing for enterprise users, including new printing options.

Sources who talked to Apple’s business unit also say the company is working on some additional features that haven’t been publicly announced yet. These include support for direct network printing from iPad apps, as well as support for accessing shared files from a local file server.

Make it happen, captain.


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