UFC fighter Shane Carwin loves him some iPad, but wifey won’t let him seal the deal

Tue, May 11, 2010


UFC Heavyweight fighter Shane Carwin usually uses his hands to knock the crap out of opponents like Frank Mir and Gabriel Gonzaga, but shortly after the iPad hit store shelves, Carwin used his hands to test out Apple’s new iPad.

The verdict? He’s a fan, only he didn’t end up purchasing one in the end due to budgetary concerns.

But what kind of BS reason is that, you may be wondering. After all, Carwin is a full time MMA fighter as well as a full time engineer. Not only that, but he’s poised to take on UFC Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight title this July 3rd in a match guaranteed to rake in millions of PPV dollars.

So what’s the deal with this budget nonsense? Well, Carwin explained in a follow-up tweet, budget is really a codeword for “my wife won’t let me.”


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