Another iPhone 4G prototype leaks onto the web

Wed, May 12, 2010


Just after we post an article detailing how Jobs is back in the swing of things comes a report which can’t be good for his health. Believe it or not, but more photos of the next-gen iPhone 4G have leaked onto the web, this time courtesy of a poster in the Vietnamese forum MacRumors writes that the person who contacted them with the photos claims that a Vietnamese businessman had purchased the device in the US along with an iPad. Hmm, maybe Jason Chen or Nick Denton have relatives in ‘Nam.

In any event, onto the photos. Below, there is apparently some sort of test firmware on display.

Jesus Christ, this dude’s fingernails are creeping me the f out. Disgusting!

And look, as opposed to the model obtained by Gizmodo, this one has no screws at the bottom. Certainly a cleaner look.

And as opposed previously seen photos which didn’t list the device capacity, this model has 16GB plastered on the back.

Check out two teardown photos after the break, a4 processor and all.


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