Report: Pegatron tapped as manufacturer of CDMA iPhone

Wed, May 12, 2010

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Wow, these iPhone/CDMA/Verizon rumors just won’t quit, will they?

Electronista reports:

Pegatron has been contracted to make a CDMA iPhone, insiders claimed today. The scoop is short but would have the ASUS manufacturing arm building phones that would likely go to Verizon and possibly other carriers as well. A deal would help Pegatron take off as a major supplier,DigiTimes said.

ASUS as a whole has already been responsible for manufacturing iPhones and some of Apple’s other devices, including MacBooks.

Apple COO Tim Cook has in the past called CDMA a dead technology, but with Android handsets becoming increasingly popular, Apple may have to bite the bullet just to get onto Verizon and maintain its market share. That is, of course, assuming that AT&T’s contract as the sole provider of iPhones here in the US doesn’t last until 2012 as has been reported earlier this week.



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  1. Tim Says:

    The so-called CDMA order was for the China Unicom version of the new iPhone…and it’s TD-CDMA – meaning non US flavored. Get over it. Apple has been the company to kill the floppy, Flash, and even the optical drive in some of its devices due to all of them being “old Technology”. What makes you think they will adopt a dying telecom technology (US CDMA) when everyone is going to LTE.

    And another thing, Apple has never been about market share. They are about profit…plain and simple. They are about a premium product at a premium price. That’s why their laptops/desktops are never discounted and much higher in price than PCs. If they wanted market share, they would lower their laptops, desktops, and iPods to competitor prices and they would instantly have a majority market share position. But then their products would not be distinguished as a premium brand anymore. It’s kind of like designer clothing – for all the non business folks in the house wishing for a Verizon iPhone. You’ll get one…but that will be in 2011-2012 depending on Verizon widespread rollout of LTE.

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