“Lots and lots of blogs does not replace lots and lots of sales.”

Thu, May 13, 2010


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison explains that the $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun was a talent grab, and in no way an effort snatch up the “vision” of Sun CEO, and regular blogger, Jonathan Schwartz.

The underlying engineering teams are so good, but the direction they got was so astonishingly bad that even they couldn’t succeed. Really great blogs do not take the place of great microprocessors. Great blogs do not replace great software. Lots and lots of blogs does not replace lots and lots of sales.

Ellison takes another swipe at Schwartz when explaining why Oracle axed one of Schwartz’s pet projects, the development of a miroprocessor designed for Sun’s high-end SPARC server line.

This processor had two incredible virtues: It was incredibly slow and it consumed vast amounts of energy. It was so hot that they had to put about 12 inches of cooling fans on top of it to cool the processor. It was just madness to continue that project.



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