Steve Jobs addresses lack of Mac design awards at WWDC

Thu, May 13, 2010


Despite a number of critics predicting that Apple’s strict control over the iPhone platform would drive developers into the open and welcoming arms of Android, iPhone development appears to be as strong as ever. Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, for example, sold out in just 8 days – a new record. By way of comparison, last year’s conference sold out in just under a month.

But the WWDC isn’t just about the iPhone, it’s also about the Mac. Or so you would think. This year’s WWDC is undeniably iPhone heavy, a fact evidenced by the relatively few number of Mac sessions along with Apple’s decision to do away with the Apple Design Awards for Mac apps.

So what does this all mean? Is Apple’s focus on the Mac waning?

We wouldn’t bet on it, but naturally, some Mac developers expressed a bit of concern about this year’s iPhone-centric WWDC. Matthias Gansrigler, the developer of Flickery, is one such individual and he decided to email Apple CEO Steve Jobs to see what was up.

Gansrigler’s email reads:

Dear Mr. Jobs,

My name’s Matthias, developer of flickery (

Is there any particular reason Apple has dropped the Design Awards for the Mac? Any plans to have them again in the future?

Thank you very much for all the great work you and your company has been doing,

Greetings from Vienna,

Matthias Gansrigler

Jobs, in an uncharacteristically “long” response, explained:

We are focusing primarily (though not exclusively) on iPhone OS this year. Maybe next year we will focus primarily on the Mac. Just the normal cycle of things. No hidden meaning here.

In the meantime, if you find yourself unable to go a year without some sort of award ceremony recognizing ingenuity in Mac development, head on over to Ars Technica which is running its own version of the Apple Design Awards. Nominations are still open.

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