Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer self-diagnosed own appendicitis with his iPhone

Fri, May 14, 2010


Imagine the most painful of cramps. Now amplify that by 2. Now imagine that the pain doesn’t go away, and nothing you can do can alleviate your discomfort. In short, the onset of appendicitis is anything but pleasant.

This past Tuesday, San Diego Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer was feeling none to well in the morning. But instead of shrugging it off or going back to bed, he plugged in his symptoms into his iPhone and deduced that something more serious than a strong stomach ache was afoot. He then went on to call Padres head trainer Todd Hutcheson and told him, “I think I have appendicitis.”

Flash forward a few hours and Stauffer was under the knife having his appendix removed. Problem solved.

Stauffer, who is 2-1 this season, is hoping to return to the club in less than a month.


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  1. BMWTwisty Says:

    Uhhhhhh, so what app did he use? Might be relevant to the story.

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