Microsoft revamps Hotmail, renames it “Windows Live Hotmail”

Tue, May 18, 2010


Microsoft announced today some big changes for its free email service, Hotmail. They’re revamping the inbox with better email management, simplified navigation, a ton of social media integration (Linked In, Facebook etc.), improved connectivity across a number of mobile devices and a whole lot more.

In conjunction with these momentous┬áchanges, Microsoft is also changing the name of Hotmail to “Windows Live Hotmail.” Is it me, or does Microsoft seriously need to give up on all this “Windows Live” crap. The moniker just doesn’t work, and is a poor attempt to consolidate all of Microsoft’s separate services and entities under one giant umbrella. “Windows Live” is essentially the equivalent of the “i” that precedes all of Apple’s products and services.

On a related note, seeing someone with a Hotmail e-mail address these days is a lot like seeing an entertainment center stocked with VHS tapes. “People still use those?”



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  1. Ron Says:

    To me a hotmail account is right up there with an aol email account. It’s kind of like how my parents (for some reason) all picked Yahoo for their email accounts..

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