Tweetie 2 no longer available on iTunes, official “Twitter for iPhone” client imminent

Tue, May 18, 2010


Back in April, Loren Brichter’s award winning Twitter client Tweetie was acquired by Twitter. As part of the deal, it was announced Tweetie 2 would eventually be renamed “Twitter for iPhone” and that it would soon become the default mobile Twitter client from Twitter – all for free, mind you.

And now it appears that that day is up us.

App Advice points out that Tweetie 2 is no longer available for download from iTunes, suggesting that the release of Twitter’s revamped mobile client can’t be that far off. Brichter, who joined Twitter’s mobile development team in the wake of the Tweetie 2 acquisition, will presumably help roll out Tweetie 2 onto other platforms in the coming months as well.

Another one bites the dust, I suppose. Tweetie was such a perfectly designed and thoughtful app that it was typically used as an example of polished software that was simply unavailable on non-iPhone platforms. Oh well, at least it will soon be available for free.


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