Rumors of the iPhone coming to Sprint starting to trickle in

Mon, May 24, 2010

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With everyone closely anticipating a CDMA iPhone capable of running on Verizon, people seem to forget about Sprint, the third largest network in the US with approximately 48 million subscribers. And it makes sense, really. The iPhone on Verizon is a lot bigger deal than the iPhone on Sprint, but that doesn’t mean that all the luckless Sprint subscribers out there don’t need some love.

That said, MacRumors writes that the whispers of the iPhone coming to Sprint sometime late this summer or in early September are growing louder, pointing us to a recent post from James Kendrick of jkontherun.

In the “totally unlikely to come true” department, yesterday I was told that Sprint will be getting the iPhone this summer. You heard that right, while rumors have long pointed to Big Red getting the iPhone this year, never has it been mentioned that Sprint would be selling the iPhone. I can’t believe this is true, although the source has been reliable in the past and does work for Sprint. I’m not holding my breath.

We’re not holding our breath either, but MacRumors writes that it’s also heard a similar tale from its own Sprint-connected source.

With Steve Jobs promising big things at this years WWDC, we can only imagine that some new carrier announcements will be one of the talking points. Either that, or Apple is going to blindside us with some crazy announcement that no one saw coming.



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