Steve Ballmer concedes that Windows Vista wasn’t “executed well”

Mon, May 24, 2010


Delivering the keynote at Microsoft’s annual CEO Summit last week, Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer discussed the difficulties associated with consistent innovation. Using Windows Vista as an example, Ballmer quipped:

The saga of our Windows product is probably one of the better chronicles, and I’m sure many people went through a cycle either at home or at work with our Vista product. It was just not executed well, not the product itself, but we went a gap of about five, six years without a product.

I think back now, and I think about thousands of man-years and it wasn’t because we were wrong-minded and thinking bad thoughts and not pushing innovation. We tried too big a task, and in the process wound up losing essentially thousands of man-years of innovation capability. And so a discipline and execution around the innovation process, I think, is essential.

via ComputerWorld


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