American Beauty director Sam Mendes to direct upcoming iPhone commercial with focus on video conferencing

Tue, May 25, 2010


Some solid Twitter sleuthing from Engadget who are reporting that American Beauty and Road to Perdition director Sam Mendes will be directing an upcoming commercial for Apple’s iPhone 4G that will focus on the phone’s video chatting capabilities. Citing a trusted source, the report also notes that the “ads will feature at least one spot where a mother and daughter are having a video chat conversation.” Okay, good to know – we’ll keep an eye out for that.

Going one step further, some tweets from actors auditioning for the commercial/s are starting to bubble up. This one was from Monday evening.

And this one was from last Friday.

With auditions already underway, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple debut the commercial during Steve Jobs’ upcoming WWDC keynote, as has been done during previous iPhone introductions.

Incidentally, Mendes is also directing the upcoming James Blond flick titled, Bond 23.


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