Headed to Yankee Stadium? Don’t bring your iPad

Tue, May 25, 2010


While the MLB.com At Bat 2010 app for the iPad is unquestionably incredible, you might want to think twice about using the app at Yankee Stadium. Yahoo! Sports recently confirmed that the iPad, for all practical purposes, is considered a laptop under the NY Yankees’ security policy, meaning that bringing Apple’s popular new device into the ballpark is strictly prohibited.

A poster on the IGN message boards detailed her failed attempt to get into the ballpark with her iPad, and how she ultimately resorted to sneaking it in.

I’m at the game right now, watching them play the Red Sox. The security people told me it was not allowed and I was turned away at the gates.

Why on earth would they have this policy? Terrorism concerns? I couldn’t get an answer. I snuck it in under my jacket.. I bring it to Fenway all the time and they don’t care.



Scary? Not so much, but certainly a tad ridiculous.



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