Steve Jobs circa 2005 on the success of the iPod and Apple’s DNA

Wed, May 26, 2010


By 2005, Apple’s transformation under Steve Jobs was a complete and undeniable success. In less than 10 years, Apple went from being on the verge of collapse to a consumer electronics powerhouse riding high on the success of the iPod.

In 2005, Fortune’s Brent Schlender interviewed Jobs and asked about Apple’s newfound role as a major player in consumer electronics, and not¬†merely a¬†manufacturer of niche PC’s with insignificant market share.

Jobs responded:

The great thing is that Apple’s DNA hasn’t changed. The place where Apple has been standing for the last two decades is exactly where computer technology and the consumer electronics markets are converging. So it’s not like we’re having to cross the river to go somewhere else; the other side of the river is coming to us.


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