Upcoming Apple TV: iPhone OS, Cloud Storage, 1080P HD, $99

Fri, May 28, 2010

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Just one week after Google announced its Google TV initiative¬†comes word via Engadget that Apple hasn’t forgotten about its favorite hobby, the Apple TV. And not only that, it appears that Apple is ready to transform the Apple TV from an expensive and arguably limited device into a $99 powerhouse.

Here’s the scoop.

A tipster tells Engadget that the next iteration of the Apple TV has been in the works for some time now, and will house architecture similar to what you’d find on the iPhone – meaning a speedy A4 processor and 16GB of flash storage. In a welcome improvement, the device will finally be able to handle 1080p HD content. Previously, the Apple TV could only handle 720p,¬†and while that’s still HD, videophiles won’t be denied!

Some other tidbits – The device is reportedly tiny, and will sport a form factor resembling that of an iPhone. Indeed, it’s been described as an “iPhone without a screen”. In typical Apple fashion, it will only house two ports, one for power and another for video out.

… it seems that Apple is moving away from the model of local storage, and will be focusing the new ATV on cloud-based storage (not unlike Amazon’s streaming scheme, though we’re talking instant-on 1080p, a la Microsoft).

For those still interested in keeping their content close, there will be an option to utilize a Time Capsule as an external storage component, but the main course will be all about streaming. The new ATV will do away with its current OS X-lite variation as a operating system, and will instead adopt the iPhone OS for the underlying experience.

And lastly, and arguably most impressively, Apple is gonna price it at a measly $99. It’s obviously way too early to tell, but if this rumor is anywhere near accurate, then Apple TV’s hobby status may be ready for an upgrade.

Now when can we expect an announcement? We’re unsure, but don’t expect one at next week’s WWDC event where the iPhone will take center stage.



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