Steve Jobs email: We respect and admire Adobe, we just don’t wan’t Flash on our devices

Sun, May 30, 2010


As the emails from Apple CEO Steve Jobs continue to trickle in, a MacStories reader named Josh Cheney last week emailed Apple’s big boss and asked him if he hated Adobe and their products or just their stance on Flash. The email exchange is as follows:

“Do you hate Adobe and their products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or do you just hate their view on Flash?”

Jobs replied:

“I respect and admire Adobe. We just chose to not have Flash on our devices.”

The lack of Flash support on Apple’s mobile devices has been a contentious issue ever since the release of the original iPhone. The debate was resurrected more recently in the build-up and subsequent release of the iPad, and Jobs himself has been unusually involved in the back and forth.

Back in February, Jobs visited NYC where he spent time with executives from both the New York Times and the WSJ. While there, Jobs reportedly went off on Flash, and lambasted the for crashing far too often, for being a security nightmare, and for draining battery life. Jobs went on to compare Flash, which he labeled a “dying technology” to ole’ tech favorites of yore, such as the floppy disk drive which Apple controversially abandoned back in 1997 with the release of the of the  original iMac.

More recently, Jobs penned a screed on Flash and explained exactly why Apple refuses to support it on the iPhone and iPad and why it has no plans to support it in the future.


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