Skype update for the iPhone enables VoIP calls on AT&T’s 3G network

Mon, May 31, 2010


Skype for the iPhone is now up to par with some of the other VoIP apps on the app store with a recent update that enables Skype users to make voice calls over AT&T’s 3G network, thus protecting their precious voice minutes. It also means that iPad 3G owners can use AT&T’s monthly data plans to make outgoing calls.

And in a sign that the iPhone doesn’t always at the head of the pack, Skype on Android has had 3G VoIP for two months now. But to be fair, the delay stems from Apple not revamping its developer license agreement to allow for such functionality until this past January.

In any event, Skype notes that the feature, which is free for now, will be subject to a mobile subscription starting in 2011.


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