Adobe announces new Digital Viewer Technology for Magazines

Tue, Jun 1, 2010


Adobe announced today the arrival of its new Digital Viewer Technology for magazines. The software makes it easier for publishers to transform hardcopies of their Magazine into digital creations capable of running on a variety of platforms. Most recently, Adobe’s digital viewer software helped Wired Magazine develop their iPad app which got off to a rousing start with over 24,000 downloads on the first day of launch alone.

“Adobe’s work with WIRED has resulted in a digital magazine format that creates an immersive experience, allowing a publication’s unique content, look and feel and advertising to stand out in the digital realm,” said David Burkett, vice president and general manager, Creative Solutions at Adobe. “We aim to make our digital viewer software available to all publishers soon and plan to deliver versions that work across multiple hardware platforms. It’s safe to say that if you are already working in InDesign CS5, you’ll be well on your way to producing a beautiful digital version of your publication.”

Some of the software features highlighted in the press release include the ability to add slide shows, 360 degree image rotation both vertically and horizontally, embedded video, multitouch support, and finally, a zoomed-out browse mode that lets users see the entire content of a magazine at a quick glance.

Adobe also notes that its software opens up new opportunities for advertisers, explaining that the interactive features of a tablet gives advertisers the ability to “deliver high-impact brand campaigns” that integrate seamlessly with content and promote greater brand interaction than is possible on a hardcopy publication.

After the break, check out video of Wired’s iPad app to get a feel for what Adobe’s software is capable of.


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