Apple inexplicably bans an iPad app… or did it?

Tue, Jun 1, 2010


MyFrame is an iPad app that functions as a customizable display that gets put to work when you’re not actually interacting with the device. In other words, it’s effectively serves as a replacement homescreen that provides users with all sorts of useful information at a glance. Some of the features include a weather display, the ability to run a photo slideshow, an alarm clock, quick access to iPod controls, birthday reminders using data snatched up from a user’s Address Book, a battery charge indicator, Twitter feeds, and as you can see above, sticky notes.

All in all, it seems like a cool app, and while we haven’t given it a test drive ourselves, $2.49 seems to be a reasonable asking price for the app.

Over the weekend, one of the apps developers from Groundhog Software received a phone call from Apple informing them that the app was being removed from the app store. Pressing for an explanation, the Apple representative kindly explained that he liked the app, but that it was gonna have to go.

With no idea what the hell was going on, the developer did what any downright confused and flabbergasted person would do – email Steve Jobs.

Hi Steve,
Just got a phone call from Apple letting us know that our iPad app ‘My Frame’ is being removed from the store. Apparently Apple is cracking down on ‘widgety’ type apps. Our app is a beautiful photo frame with a few nice things you can put over your photos. It’s not ugly, or even widgety.

What gives? I’ve always defended you guys in the past, but it seems like you’ve crossed an invisible line here, even the guy on the phone was saying how much he likes our application but that there’s nothing he can do?

Jobs subsequently responded:

We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops.  Sorry.

Sent from my iPad

Interestingly enough, the app is still up on iTunes. Did Apple change its mind? Was the initial call a mistake? Was the app removed because Apple is planning to offer similar functionality on its own sometime in the future? Or, does it simply take a few days for the entire removal process to come to fruition?

It’s unclear, at this point, what exactly is going on, but if the app sounds appealing to you, you might wanna check it out over here while it’s still available.


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