iPhone global share rises in May, continues to outpace Android

Tue, Jun 1, 2010


NetMarketShare reports:

Google’s operating system, Android is rapidly gaining usage share.  However, the iPhone still maintains a large lead.  In fact, the iPhone actually gained more global share than Android in May, going from 30.3% to 32.8%.  In the same timeframe, Android went from 5.3% to 6.2%.

Java ME (which stands for micro-edition) still maintains the number spot as the most popular platform for mobile browsing.  This platform is in use on a large variety of devices and is rapidly losing share to both Android and the iPhone.


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  1. lulz_at_outpaced Says:

    um, I’m not too sure that “continues to outpace Android” is appropriate here. It might be better to simply say “iPhone gained more market share”.

    It appears that it was actually Android that grew more.

    Android market share in April was 5.3% and rose to 6.2% in May. A .9% increase of market shares represents 16.98% growth for Android.

    iPhone market share in April was 30.3% and rose to 32.8% in May. A 2.5% increase of market share represents 8.25% growth for iPhone.

    So, a more sensational headline might read: “Android growth more than doubles iPhone growth during May!”

    This is the problem when Apple fanbois just copy paste stuff and don’t bother to use any type of critical analysis of the actual data.

  2. Ed Says:

    I think what is more important is the percentage point of share gain.

    You can have 1% for the start and grow another 1%, it means you have 100% grow..
    On the other hand, I can have 2% but my growth is 2%, it still 100% but I gain more which is relatively crucial…..


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