Adobe ponders possibility of viewing Photoshop PSD files on the iPad

Wed, Jun 2, 2010


Adobe’s John Nack recently traded in his role as an Adobe Photoshop product manager for a new position where he will help develop Adobe applications for use on tablet devices. Apple and Adobe’s beef over Flash notwithstanding, Nack is a huge fan of the iPad and it’ll be interesting to see what sort of iPad/tablet tailored creations he and the folks at Adobe come up with.

Recently, Nack tossed around the idea of giving users the ability to to view Photoshop PSD files on devices like the iPad, and openly called for feedback on his blog.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on whether such a capability would be relevant to you. Some questions offhand:

  • What would you hope to accomplish? For example:
    • Would you be bringing your portfolio on the road?
    • Would you be taking the files somewhere to print them?
  • Would viewing just a flat representation of the files be sufficient, or would you want to interact with layers (for example, to switch among layer comps in order to show design iterations)?
  • Would you pay for such a capability? If so, how much?

“This is obviously a capability that Adobe could build,” Nack continues. “The question of course is whether we should build it (as opposed, say, to building something else).”



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