More photos of white-backed iPhone 4G surface

Wed, Jun 2, 2010


At this point, Steve Jobs and co. might as well resign themselves to the fact that the iPhone 4G is the worst kept secret in town. Gizmodo got the ball rolling back in April, and since then, leaked photos of Apple’s next-gen iPhone have been popping up with irregular consistency.

And now we have two more photos to add to the list courtesy of Powerbook Medic, a Mac parts and repair company.

As you can tell, the photos don’t include the device’s capacity, suggesting that this is a prototype device and not a pre-production model.

While Apple has offered a white-backed iPhone for years, the iPhone 4G will apparently be the first to come entirely draped in white, as evidenced by leaked photos showcasing a white iPhone front panel.

via MacRumors


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