Report: Verizon testing CDMA iPads on their network

Wed, Jun 2, 2010

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Citing a highly placed source, Boy Genius Report has learned that Verizon is currently testing the iPad on its CDMA network

According to a highly placed source of ours, Verizon Wireless is currently testing Apple iPad devices on their network. We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device, and while our source mentioned LTE in some capacity (possibly another model), we haven’t been able to independently confirm that part of it.

Before Steve Jobs introduced the iPad back in January, it was widely believed that the device would run on Verizon. Naturally, some folks were none too thrilled when AT&T was announced as the exclusive data provider for the device. Some have speculated that AT&T was able to put itself in that position by modifying their original 5-year iPhone contract with Apple – which, of course, has led to even more speculation that Jobs will announce a CDMA capable iPhone at next week’s WWDC event.


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