Steve Jobs on AT&T and dropped calls – “We’re doing everything we know how to do”

Wed, Jun 2, 2010


At yesterday’s D8 Conference, Steve Jobs was asked about a common problem that affects a good number of iPhone users – dropped calls. During a Q&A session, a fellow from Houston got up and told Jobs that he and his wife can’t use their iPhones for even a minute without experiencing a dropped call.

When asked if Apple was working to fix that, Jobs responded:

Well, somebody from Apple is talkin’ about that. I mean we don’t have people that climb up on poles and adjust antennas cuz we don’t know anything about that. But, yeah, you can bet we’re doing everything we know how to do.

When asked a follow-up about when users can expect to see significant phone quality improvements, Jobs elaborated:

I’ll tell you what I’m told. And I’m told this by credible people who are extraordinarily open and honest with us about the problems which makes me tend to believe people when they tell me things.

When.. I know little about this stuff technically, this is not my area of expertise. To make things better, people reallocate spectrum. They take spectrum that they weren’t using or were using for something else and allocate to this proble.m And they do things like increase the backhaul, so they put in Gigabit Ethernets¬†instead of T-1’s that they have, and they put in more robust switches to switch the data. Things, in general, when they start to fix them, get worse before they get better. That’s what I’m told. And if you believe that, things should be getting a lot better soon.

Serious answer to your question. I am told that a lot of places are getting a lot better certainly by the end of the Summer. And I believe the people that are telling me that truly believe that and are high competency people… We’ll see.

Hit the break for video footage of the segment.


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