Apple planning to introduce tiers for MobileMe?

Fri, Jun 4, 2010

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MacObserver reports that a number of MobileMe users are noticing changes in their MobileMe account status suggesting that Apple may soon offer different pricepoints with varying functionality for its service and syncing software which currently costs $99/yr.

Whereas previous MobileMe account types were either “Trial”, “Individual”, or “Family Pack”, some MobileMe subscribers on Friday morning saw their account type changed to “Full Member.” While this may simply be a new way for Apple to distinguish between paying members and users with trial accounts, the timing is particularly curious given that WWDC is just 3 days away.

While previous rumors have hinted at Apple offering its┬áMobileMe services for free, Apple isn’t exactly keen on giving away the goods at no charge. That said, the addition of tiers with a cheaper buy-in point might be a decent compromise, though there’s no denying that free MobileMe service would be an unbelievably attractive selling point for the iPhone. Free access to Apple’s nifty “Find my iPhone” feature by itself would do wonders to push units out the door.



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  1. Country Boy Says:

    Saw mine change today from individual to full member. It would be nice if we get even a price reduction, I don’t mind paying for mobile me, i just think that $99.00 is a bit steep.

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