Shocking! Gizmodo not invited to WWDC

Fri, Jun 4, 2010


Well you had to see this one coming. Gizmodo’s invite to Apple’s WWDC keynote next Monday is non-existent, leaving the tech site scrambling to put together a makeshift liveblog of the event.

In an article posted today, Gizmodo asked its readers if a) they happen to be going to WWDC and b) if they would be so kind as to liveblog the event. Gizmodo plans to mashup info from their undercover agents with liveblog coverage collected from other websites who were actually invited.

We are also in need of those who can and want to send us live video, audio, instant messages and high-end photographs instantly—from the keynote. Even professionals may apply.

If you’re a serious volunteer who just wants to help, there’s room for you, too—if have the gear. We’re looking especially for folks with extra battery packs, CDMA 3G cellular data equipment, long lenses on professional recent-generation DSLRs and the ability to upload photos quick as lightning on a tethered laptop.

Gizmodo, of course, forever fell out of favor with Steve Jobs when they not only posted photos and videos of the iPhone 4G all over their website, but subsequently refused to hand the device back to Apple without first receiving an official request from Apple’s legal department.



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  1. Country Boy Says:

    What is even more shocking is that their are folks who think that Gizmodo should have received an invite.
    Steve would have rather quit.

  2. LaughAtGizmodo Says:

    Haha Don’t bite the hand that feeds you dipshits. 😉

  3. Elmor Says:

    I would venture to guess any person found to assist the “Giz” will likely lose out also. Careful to whom you sell your soul….

  4. Gerald Shields Says:

    Gizmodo is just a bunch of self-important thieves!

  5. Paul Says:

    Users should not support Gizmodo, I am in favor of more information, but Gizmodo thinks its okay to extort and cheat to get that to its readers, just so that it can make a buck from that. This was made clear in the e-mail from Gizmodo to Apple.

    Best not to support Gizmodo.


  6. Hercules Says:


  7. chano Says:

    what’s gizmodo?

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