4 hilarious ways Steve Jobs could make today’s WWDC announcement unforgettable

Mon, Jun 7, 2010


Steve Jobs will soon grace the stage in San Francisco where he will unveil Apple’s next-gen iPhone, purportedly dubbed the iPhone HD. We can expect the usual bells and whistles, and perhaps a cool “one more thing” moment, but how cool would it be if any of these hypothetical scenarios played out for real?

1. Steve Jobs is on stage and can’t find the next-gen iPhone he’s supposed to showcase. Gray Powell comes out and presents it to him. Crowd goes nuts!

2. Gray Powell accompanies Jobs on stage during the iPhone HD presentation. At the conclusion of the Keynote, Powell walks off and forgets his iPhone up on stage. Crowd goes into a frenzy!

3. Jobs goes up on stage with Jason Chen of Gizmodo, proceeds to pay him $5,000 cash in exchange for the next-gen iPhone. Crowd bum rushes Chen!

4. While showcasing the next-gen iPhone’s video conferencing capabilities, Jobs’ iPhone is hooked up to a big screen with a live feed of an FBI raid on Gizmodo’s offices. Crowd cheers at crystal clear video quality! Crowd boos as feed is abruptly cut off after transmission exceeds AT&T’s new 2GB data cap – cuz you know Apple ain’t paying extra for more bandwidth.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Arfeen Says:

    Hahahahah, hilarious man

  2. Steve W Says:

    Steve Jobs invites crowd to an after-party. Says,”Don’t be afraid to cut loose, Gizmodo isn’t invited.”

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