Apple’s Magic Trackpad uncovered?

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

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Mere hours before the WWDC keynote, Engadget got their hands on photos of a device purporting to be a mythical Apple multitouch trackpad device for desktops.

What we appear to be looking at is a brand new input device that Apple has dreamed up which connects to desktops (and laptops, if you like) via Bluetooth, much like the Apple Keyboard.

Engadget also received word from someone reportedly testing the device that the above peripheral supports handwriting recognition as well ass “every feature you can find on a Magic Mouse (and possibly features of a MacBook Pro trackpad.”

Hmm, multitouch goodness and handwriting recognition… anyone care to predict the utility of this cool, but dare we say, seemingly useless device? What’s the twist Apple.. what’s the twist? MacRumors also points out that one of the photos reveals a copyright 2009 insignia, suggesting that these photos may be old models. Will they pop up at WWDC? Well, less than an hour until the Keynote kicks off, so we’ll find out soon enough!

And a cardboard mockup depicting the expected size of the device based on the leaked photos.


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  1. Jason Anderson Says:

    I wonder what became of this. Was it fake? Or maybe a product to be released at a later date?

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