Designer of webOS notifications, Rich Delliger, returns to Apple

Wed, Jun 9, 2010


During the development of the Palm Pre, a significant number of Apple engineers abandoned ship for Palm. The most notable Apple employee to head over to Palm was, of course, former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein. In any event, Palm’s raid on Apple talent naturally aroused the ire of Steve Jobs, who reportedly engaged in a screaming match with Rubinstein over Palm’s actions.

One Apple designer who left is Rich Dellinger, the man who helped design Palm’s highly touted webOS notification system which was praised for its sleek implementation and non-obtrusive nature. While at Palm, Dellinger also worked on the following:

Acted as visual designer, interaction designer, and engineer on Palm webOS.

Co-developed the Application Framework used by webOS. Created the CSS structure and defined HTML layout and structure conventions in Mojo Application Framework, and for core Palm applications.

Co-invented software and hardware interaction models for a new generation of Linux-based, Palm-branded mobile devices.

Created icon suite for Palm, Sprint, and other partner applications for webOS 1.0

And now, thanks to LinkedIn, we’ve learned that Dellinger has returned to Apple where he will assume the position of Senior User Interface Designer.

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