iPad Wedding [Video]

Thu, Jun 10, 2010


Okay okay, there is a tinge of merit to the argument that technology seeping into all aspects of our lives’ isn’t always a good thing. Case in point – this Wedding video wherein the couples’ vows are read off of an iPad as part of the ceremony. And further compounding technology’s infiltration into all aspects of societal interaction, the groom takes a few seconds, mid-ceremony mind you, to update both his Facebook and Twitter account from his iPhone.

It’s a new era, my friends.

The only question, I suppose, is if there’s gonna be some Facebook poking going on later on.

But hey, if they’re happy, more power to ’em.



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  1. DAn Says:

    Emmm , and the guy when the kiss comes he knocks twice in her back.That’s a clear sign of saying woops stop please i’m unconfortable.They are not in love. Fake wedding.

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