Apple releases developer video touting advantages of the iOS platform, throws in a few sly jabs at Android

Sat, Jun 12, 2010


Check out this Apple produced video profiling a number of big name iPhone developers talking about how great the iPhone platform is and how the iPhone SDK makes their job a whole lot easier. It’s pretty entertaining, and there are a few not so veiled jabs at Android if you’re into that sorta thing.

Some of the featured developers/development companies include Illusion Labs (of Labyrinth and TouchGrind HD fame), Theodore Gray (the man behind Elements), and Tom Conrad of Pandora.

Some highlights:

“I feel like I was born to create apps” – Nicholas Callaway

“It’s really evident in Apple’s APIs, and the developer tools, that you’re working with something really mature, not something that was invented two years ago.” – Tim Conrad

“We’ve actually spent some time working with other platforms. It’s a night and day difference. They’re more difficult for the user, they don’t have the power or the tools available. They don’t have the distribution network. They don’t have the standards, both in hardware or software.” – Calvin Carter of Bottle Rocket Apps

“We’ve been trying for about 18 months before the app store had launched to figure out Pandora and mobile. We tried it on all different kind of phones, and we just had never really got the formula right. The morning we turned it on and we started watching the activations come in, we had more people listening on the iPhone by noon than we had accumulated in the previous years.” – Tim Conrad

And our personal favorite:

“I have these hundreds of things in my office that are fascinating, and you don’t. What can I do about that? The iPad is a device on which the practical implementation of magic books is entirely possible” – Theodore Gray


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