Hands-on photos of Apple’s new iPhone case, “Bumpers”

Sat, Jun 12, 2010


Looking to get in on the iPhone accessory market, Steve Jobs announced at last week’s WWDC Keynote a new iPhone protective case from Apple called Bumpers. As opposed to many other cases, Steve Jobs noted that “the back is open so you have the camera and can see our logo.” Gotz to see the logo!

Apple has yet to update their website with in-depth photos and information about their new line of cases, but we do know that they’ll retail for $29 and will be available in 6 colors – white, pink, orange, green, and light blue.

Below are some hands-on photos of a blue iPhone Bumper. With cameras mounted on both the front and back of the device, not to mention the fact that there’s also glass on both sides, we’d like to think that the overhang provided by Apple’s bumpers will be enough to prevent serious damage when the iPhone inevitably comes crashing down on the floor. Maybe, just maybe, and this is a wild idea, but maybe Apple should make its Bumpers out of the same material used to make bouncy balls. That way, you can drop your iPhone and it’ll come bouncing right back up to you! Brilliant.

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