Police arrest duo for trying to trade an iPod Touch and Marijuana in exchange for an iPad, via Craigslist!

Sat, Jun 12, 2010

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We know that there are more addicting things out there than Marijuana, we just had no idea that the iPad was on the list.

Now we’re not saying that weed affects your mental state, but how else can you explain this unbelievably absurd Onion-esque news story from Gilbert, Arizona.

This past Thursday, Police arrested two men who posted a Craigslist ad (pictured above) in an effort to try and trade a 32 GB iPod Touch and a sizeable amount of Pot in exchange for an iPad. And as if that wasn’t dumb enough, these enterprising young fellows actually posted a picture of their weed on a scale, sitting right next to a third-generation iPod Touch.

Who knows, maybe the weed, which the Craigslist ad refers to as “blue dream straight outta cali”, had to be seen to be believed. Then again, if it was really that good, maybe they would have asked for the 64GB iPad 3G model instead.

In any event, after receiving a tip about the obviously illegal posting, undercover police officers answered the ad and subsequently arrested 20-year old Jacob Walker when they met up under the auspices of completing the advertised exchange. Also arrested was Walker’s partner in crime, 20-year old Joseph Velarde who also hails from Gilbert, Arizona.  According to Gilbert Police Sergeant Mark Marino, the arrests were made once Walker proffered the Marijuana to the undercover agents.

Both now face charges for possession of an illegal substance and conspiracy to sell Marijuana.

And pictured below are the mugshots of these criminal masterminds, Walker on the left and Velarde on the right. As far as we can tell, Walker looks high while Velarde looks pissed that the iPad doesn’t support Flash.

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. policeofficerMike Says:

    The ipad sucks kiddo, keep the weed.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Weed should be legal in the first place.

    That being said, it’s not legal. And these two are pretty retarded for doing this.

  3. mackiavelo Says:

    ajajajaa awesome!

    that guy is a fake dealer!

  4. chron Says:

    Wow! iPOT

  5. dil Says:

    cool. good thing a team of undercover police officers spent their day doing this rather than stopping rapists or tracking down murderers or something. a completely victimless crime that would have made the two parties very happy turned into an expensive jail sentance the rest of us get to pay for now.

  6. Chris Says:

    “We know that there are more addicting things out there than Marijuana.”

    Yeah, like… EVERYTHING !

    Stop peddling false friggen information. Marijuana is NOT addictive.

  7. weeboo Says:

    oh my god, a quarter is hardly a sizeable amount of weed. what have you been smoking?

  8. weeboo Says:

    oh, and as for the typically retarded cops, the kids were not trying to sell pot. are the cops really that retarded? (that was a rhetorical question…it does not require an answer) what have THEY been smoking?

  9. copssuck Says:

    Wow…good job cops…you got a whole 7 grams (plus whatever else you confiscated)…you kept these “criminal masterminds” off the street…depending on the state, this could be as low as a $100 fine (or less)…way to go cops, now I feel safe! Keep working hard for my tax dollars, piggies.

  10. matt Says:


  11. Kevin Says:

    How Stupid can you be?

  12. Jon Borichef Says:

    “And pictured below are the mugshots of these criminal masterminds”


    Morons, more like it.

    I mean honestly, how stupid can you be?

  13. fritz269 Says:

    I am actually glad they took these retards off the street.

  14. james Says:

    lame. If they would have only responded to my email sooner there wouldn’t have been a problem.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Biggest waste of Police resources ever? And they wonder why their funding is getting cut. I cannot think of a single reason why there should be an undercover task force looking at stuff like this. If you use your resources this ineffectively, your resources should be cut.

  16. Mike Says:

    This is ridiculous. We are paying cops taxpayer’s money and this is the shit they are wasting their time with? Arresting a couple of kids? Good one officers, you’re really keeping us safe out. I think the teenage cashier at the gas station gave me the wrong change, go get ’em detective.

  17. fourtwenty Says:

    a quarter can get you arrested??? here in california you can carry an ounce and still just receive a citation. they need to legalize it asap.

  18. 4twizzle Says:

    “Then again, if it was really that good, maybe they would have asked for the 64GB iPad 3G model instead” Person writing this article obviously doesn’t know the price of marijuana in California.

  19. relaxpeople Says:

    I don’t get why everyone is bitching about the cops, these kids are just stupid. As far as resources and hours it probably took them like 20 mins to call them 20 mins to meet them 20 mins to arrest them, takes about the same time if they saw them on the street.

  20. Bruno Says:

    Once again, someone is arrested for a 100% victimless crime. How can law enforcement, or its supporters, rationalize this? It’s insane.

  21. Jesika Says:

    Looks like the tax payers money is being spent well here…. What a bunch of bull *****. A 32gb touch and a quarter ounce of weed, sounds like a bad deal if you ask me. Has the price of weed gone up that much these days?

  22. anon Says:

    the real question is, do they look like legal residents? :p

  23. lollers Says:

    really piggies? you actually employed undercover detectives to investigate and arrest two teenagers for attempting to trade (not even sell) a few grams of pot? what fantastic detective work, and what a wonderful utilization of resources and public money. you all should be very proud of yourselves. maybe even receive an award for your great detective work. it must have been very difficult to outwit these two. no…I mean it. Considering the caliber of your detective work, it must have been VERY difficult for you to outwit these two. And, they are clearly a great danger to our society. they need to be taken off th street and placed in prison. i do feel much safer now. hopefully these two will now have a criminal record, making it difficult to find gainful employment in the future.

  24. lawabiding Says:

    It kills me that you people post things like this on here. The cops arrested two 20 year olds, NOT TEENAGERS, for trying to sell an illegal substance online! Whether you or I believe it should be legalized doesn’t matter! It is AGAINST THE LAW! Whether there was a victim or not, doesn’t matter! It was AGAINST THE LAW! These two were obviously not the ‘brightest crayons in the box’ for posting that on Craigslist, and the task force wasn’t looking for them, in particular, I’m sure. But it is NOT a waste of taxpayer money to arrest people who BREAK THE LAW! The disrespect shown to law enforcement is utterly unexcuseable! I know that I was brought up better than that, what happened to you?!

  25. notamindlesszombie Says:

    so if something is against a law, it should be followed exactly? When i die, id like to think i lived in a society where laws didnt govern the people, but consciouses and logical thought did, with laws as guidelines set so all could agree. If a law isnt right, i think it should be revoked, just as easily if not easier than new laws are formed.
    Laws are made to keep people safe, they are not there for people to mindlessly follow We are supposed to be a democracy where we, the people create these laws and follow them as they apply to our lives. If you feel laws are divine guidance systems, then i suggest you move somewhere like North Korea.

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