Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pisses on the iPhone

Mon, Jun 14, 2010


Apparently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. In a Facebook status update from yesterday, he laments the device’s poor battery life and inability to make a call, yet he purchased one anyhow. Strange. Especially considering that the iPhone 4 is gonna hit stores in just 10 days. What gives, Zuck?

via 9to5 Mac


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  1. Chanson de Roland Says:

    What Mark Zuckerberg probably really hates about the iPhone is the protections in Section 3.3.9 of the iOS 4’s SDK Agreement of consumers’ privacy, whereas Google’s disclosure policy (a.k.a Google’s Privacy Policy) for Android and all of its mobile services is something that Zuckerberg almost certainly loves, for Google and Facebook are fellow travelers, when it comes to treating a customer’s privacy like a cheap whore.

  2. schmee Says:

    couldn’t agree more…

  3. Jason Anderson Says:

    He may have invented FaceBook, but he really is full of himself. And, what the hell, buying a new iPhone 3GS when he knew, and EVERYONE ON EARTH with even a small amount of internet knowledge knew that the iPhone 4 was coming out? Wow. What a moron.

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