iPad developer mugged at WWDC, gets brand new iPad along with a letter from Steve Jobs

Tue, Jun 15, 2010


Not too long ago, Apple sent out a WWDC invite to a Chinese iOS developer named Stone, an individual who works for Tencent, the development house behind China’s most popular IM software, QQ.

Being that it was WWDC and all, not to mention the long ass flight from Shenzhen, Stone decided to bring along his iPad to the developer conference.

Shortly thereafter, Stone was given an unfortunate introduction to the dark side of American hospitality when he was mugged on a bus in San Francisco. Fighting with said mugger, Stone apparently did enough to prevent his assailant from making off with his iPad and escaped with a broken rib. His iPad, however, wasn’t so lucky. The metal frame was twisted and the screen was smashed up well beyond repair.

Upon taking the device to a San Francisco Apple Store, Stone’s tale of woe earned him a brand new iPad on the house. And in a bit of icing on the cake, he also received an email from Steve Jobs wishing him a safe trip back home.

And here is Stone with his brand new iPad.

via micgadget


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