iPhone 4 pre-orders bog down AT&T and Apple

Tue, Jun 15, 2010


In a scene we’ve come to expect, demand for iPhone pre-orders have left AT&T and Apple struggling to keep up with surging demand. A number of users are experiencing unending difficulties in having their orders processed both via Apple’s online store and AT&T’s website. BGR even reported that AT&T’s internal system was unable to keep up with iPhone pre-orders that were actually processed through the website.

Apple’s ordering system, meanwhile, appears to be operational for now, but with the afternoon just getting started, the influx of orders may just be getting started.

Lastly, and we can only hope that these problems aren’t widespread, but ZDNet is reporting that some users are experiencing the following:

  • Online orders being confirmed as successful, only to receive an email from AT&T saying the order encountered an error.
  • Credit cards being charged multiple times – but the order still not processing.
  • Orders that are confirmed as being successful but then that even the pre-order process is too much for AT&T to handle.
  • Security breaches where customers are gaining access to the accounts of others.
  • Orders that have taken three hours to process.
  • AT&T problems leading to similar problems on Appleā€™s site.
  • AT&T stores shutting down completely – the whole store – because of pre-order problems.



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