Ship date for iPhone pre-orders from UK Apple Store pushed back to July 2

Tue, Jun 15, 2010


Man, the folks in the UK simply can’t catch a break when it comes to getting their hands on new Apple products. First, the iPad release was pushed back after US demand for the device blew past Apple’s internal projections. And now, the ship date for UK iPhone pre-orders has been pushed back all the way to July 2. Note – the delay, for the time being, only pertains to people attempting to pre-order the iPhone from Apple’s UK website.

Before the deluge of pre-orders brought AT&T’s servers to a crawl, folks in the UK were able to order the iPhone with a ship date of June 24th. Now, and no doubt due to the overwhelming demand for Apple’s new iPhone here in the states, ship dates for UK customers has been pushed back a full week.

In the interim, UK carriers O2 and Vodafone don’t appear to be taking pre-orders.


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  1. Rachelle Morgan Says:

    I pre ordered mine on the 15th June. Had the confirmation email last week. They took payment then it went back on my card 2 days later. Phoned Apple, they said it was because its still on pre order and they will charge it again when the items shipped. Iv had no other emails off them and they havent charged the card again yet. Im wondering if im getting it on Thursday. Tracked the order and it says it will be delivered on the 24th. Im doubtful now. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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