FBI arrests iPad hacker on Felony drug charges, turns out he’s also racist and anti-semitic with a podcast on iTunes

Wed, Jun 16, 2010


Last week, a large number of email addresses of iPad users were made public due to a security vulnerability on AT&T’s servers. The exploit, which was run via a script attack, was carried out by a group calling themselves Goatse Security. When the dust settled, the folks at Goatse had accumulated 114,000 email addresses, a score which included a number of high ranking brass from the US military.

The security hole has now been addressed, AT&T has apologized, but the story doesn’t end there.

CNET reported yesterday that a member of Goatse Security named Andrew Auernheimer had been arrested on drug charges stemming from an FBI issued search warrant on his Arkansas home.

And what did Federal agents find at his abode? Oh, you know, just a little bit of cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, and schedule 2 and 3 pharmaceuticals. And believe it or not, his home address is 505 N Shady Ave. How apropos.

Auernheimer, who’s hacker handle is “Weev” now faces 4 felony charges and misdemeanor charge for possession of controlled substances.

CNET notes that Auernheimer is a “key member of Goatse Security group”, and while Auernheimer and his cronies have asserted that they did the public a service by bringing AT&T’s security vulnerability to the forefront, it appears that Auernheimer is anything but a kind-hearted civil servant. He apparently is not too fond of Jews, Blacks, Muslims, and Gays, and not surprisingly, he’s off his rocker.

Andrew “Weev” is a troll in his early 20’s who has hacked into
various websites, harasses innocent people and companies, and
actually dropped dox on this very list. He’s been covered in a
NYTimes article on cyberharassment and a WST online blog post
about a job he claims to have done on amazon.

According to our contact with his mother Andrew used to live
a quiet life in Richmond, VA. Described as perfectly kind and
supportive of his brother and sister. But he began a life
of drugs, starting with ecstacy and moving up to heroin. His
former girlfriend was a user. He left to SoCal with no car
or phone number given to family. His parents tried to have him
involuntary committed.

And believe it or not, there’s more to the story. We won’t link to it from here, but Weev’s Livejournal is rife with derogatory and hateful comments, and the Weev also appears to be a religious nutjob who heaps praise upon Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, which if you’re unfamiliar, claims that all natural disasters and terrorist attacks stem from God punishing societies that tolerate homosexuality.

Moreover, one of Weev’s psuedonyms is “theiProphet”, a name under which he produces videos, or “sermons” as he calls them,┬ácentering on international conspiracy theories and other topics. In one “sunday sermon”, Weev purports to “reveal the truth” while noting that he’s “tweaked” out of his mind.

And, believe it or not, but Weev’s hateful content can also be found on iTunes under the podcast “The iProphet” where the content falls under the banner of “The Last Church of Christ.” Hopefully Apple will remove it soon.


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  1. Chap Says:

    “505 N Shady Ave.” ? I don’t get it…

  2. Thib Says:

    Chap, you don’t get the “Shady Ave” irony? Shady besides meaning “giving shade from sunlight” also means “of doubtful honesty” when referred to a person.

  3. WaywardWizard Says:

    Why should Apple censor something just because you don’t understand it? You really don’t understand Weev, not that I do, but he makes a point when people like you get outraged and demand censorship over absurdity. He’s satirizing people like you. You can demand censorship, you can call it hate speech, you can do whatever you’d like, but the day you ban satire is the day you condemn society to the dark dwelling of its head up it’s own rear end.

    Trolls have been known as a nuisance online, but look all around you. Look at the sheer stupidity, even in government. False outrage, moral witchunts, two parties filled with idiots throwing meaningless rhetoric at each other instead of being logical. Religious wingbats inserting their religion where it doesn’t belong, and atheists tossing hate at anyone who has personal faith. Maybe someone -should- satirize all of these idiots. Maybe this is the chance to call you out as you waggle your fingers at Weeve.

  4. nobbie Says:


    My sentiments exactly.

    Besides, someone seriously needs to do some looking into the JQ.

    Free Weev!

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