iPhone 4 pre-orders from Apple now pushed back to July 14

Wed, Jun 16, 2010


Hot on the heels of AT&T announcing that they’re temporarily suspending iPhone pre-orders comes word via Apple’s website that iPhone 4 orders processed through the Apple website won’t ship until July 14th. Yesterday evening, both Apple and AT&T ran through their allotment of iPhone 4 pre-order units, with Apple stating earlier today that over 600,000 orders for the new device have been processed.

At this point, if you’re hoping to get the iPhone 4 on launch day, pre-ordering the device is out of the question. Your best option would probably be to show up early at a local Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Walmart. You could also try your hand at nearby Apple stores and AT&T shops, but you’ll most likely run into exceedingly, if not laughably long lines.


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