Why the number of overall iPhone apps is important

Wed, Jun 16, 2010


Michael Gartenberg on the importance of app store titles:

First, Apple announced that the app store now has 225,000 apps with 5 billion downloads. That’s all in just under two years. I can’t quantify this for certain but that would make Apple’s mobile platform the fastest growing platform in history. Period. In a market driven by the value add of third party apps, that’s extremely important. What’s more important isn’t the number. I don’t need 225,000 apps. You likely don’t either. What you do get are the subset of apps that are right for you and that’s why the overall number is more important than you might think. Apple also shared that it’s now taking 28 percent of the US smartphone market, somewhat behind RIM but well ahead of Android’s 9 percent but again, perhaps more importantly, 58 percent of the mobile browsing market. Considering that three years ago iPhone wasn’t even on the market yet, that’s a major and important accomplishment.

Right on the money. Critics like to deflate Apple’s statements regarding the hundreds of thousands of apps it houses on iTunes by pointing to crappy applications that they would never dream of downloading. But as Gargenberg points out, a large selection of apps ensures that all users can find exactly what they’re looking for.

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