Rumor: Apple to release universal “Find my iPhone” app

Thu, Jun 17, 2010


MacRumors reports that Apple is planning to release a free app version of the incredibly cool “Find my iPhone” service that was previously only available via MobileMe. The app will be a free download, but must still be hooked up to a MobileMe account in order to work . An app version of Mobile Me is sort of curious, because if you can use the app, you clearly have your device. It’s sort of like when you’re looking for your glasses and can’t see under the bed, and think “Oh, I’ll just go put my glasses on to help me look.” ¬†Something like that.

We suppose, though, that an app version of “Find my iPhone” might come in handy if you have an iPad and an iPhone, or if you’re on a family plan.

Finally, Apple is said to be preparing to release a dedicated “Find My iPhone” application. The application, which will be universal and thus compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, will be available for free through App Stores in all countries, although devices must be associated with a MobileMe account in order to be tracked. It will allow users to perform all of the traditional Find My iPhone functions from iOS devices without the need to utilize the Web-based version of the service, offering device tracking, sending of messages to lost devices, and remote locking and wiping.

A “Find my iPhone” app will mark the third in-house app released by Apple in just the past 7 days. Last week they released an¬†iTunes Connect app which lets iOS developers track app sales and trends, and earlier this week, they released an Apple Store app which lets users find nearby Apple Stores, set up Genius appointments, and even purchase Apple products directly from their phone.

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