Apple asks FCC to keep iPhone 4 info under lock and key for 45 days

Fri, Jun 18, 2010


Apparently there’s more to the iPhone 4 than meets the eye. Patently Apple recently uncovered a letter sent to the FCC from Apple requesting a 45 day freeze that would prevent the agency from posting certain internal photos of the iPhone 4.

Apple’s letter reads, in part:

Although Apple has begun to market the device publicly, these documents reveal technical and design information that has not been publicly disclosed in such marketing and that is protected by Apple as confidential and proprietary trade secrets…

Below are the list of documents Apple wants the FCC to keep under lock and key for 45 days.

  • Block Diagram
  • Operational Description
  • Applications Processor Schematic
  • Celluar Radio Schematic
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Schematic
  • Applications Processor Bill of Material
  • Cellualr Radio Bill of Material
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Bill of Material
  • Antenna Gain and Patters

Check out an image of Apple’s letter below the break.

Any idea what Apple is trying to keep under wraps? Was the big secret the 512MB of RAM that leaked out yesterday? I suppose we’ll find out for sure next week.


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  1. JB Says:

    I guess it is logical for any company to request this when a product is not released yet. But I am sure there isn’t anything worth all the buzz.

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