AT&T and Apple are canceling some iPhone pre-orders – Report

Sun, Jun 20, 2010


When iPhone pre-orders opened up last week, both AT&T and Apple found themselves unable to keep up with the unexpected volume of demand. It wasn’t long before both companies exhausted their pre-order supply of iPhones, with AT&T ceasing pre-orders altogether. When you factor in a rash of user complaints such as multiple credit card charges and incredibly long processing times, it almost makes waiting in line overnight at an Apple Store seem like a good idea.

Adding to customer woes are recent reports from this weekend that users who were actually lucky enough to have their orders processed are now receiving word that their orders have been cancelled. While some users are receiving emails from AT&T indicating the change, some users who placed their order via Apple’s website were only made abreast of the change by checking in on their order status page.

via Gizmodo



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