iPhone 4 reservations are also trending upward

Sun, Jun 20, 2010


Watch out iPhone pre-orders, you’re not the only game in town. Also making a strong showing last week were the number of people who made iPhone 4 reservations to pick up the device in-store. Boy Genius Report was able to obtain a breakdown on iPhone 4 reservations across three retail stores.

  • A “large” New York Apple store had over 2,200 iPhone reservations
  • A “medium” sized Boston Apple store had over 800 reservations
  • One store in California had over 1,000 reservations, and another in California had over 1,400
  • A “small” Texas Apple store had over 900.

Some things to keep in mind – the above figure are completely unrelated to iPhone pre-orders, and are on top of the 600,000 sales figures touted by Apple last week. Also, and to provide some perspective, the average number of reservations per store when the iPhone 3GS went on sale was estimated to be around 800 units. By all accounts, the iPhone 4 may prove to be the most successful and ubiquitous iPhone to date. The iPhone 3GS needed 3 days to reach 1 million units sold, and if Apple and AT&T can keep up with demand, the iPhone 4 may that milestone in just one day.


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